Handloom sector in Bangladesh consists of more than 0.183 million handloom units with 0.505 million handlooms and about 1 million handloom weavers of which about 50% are female worker.

A manpower of about one million weavers, dyers, hand spinners, embroiderers and allied artisans have been using their creative skills into more than 0.30 million active looms to produce around 687 million meters of fabrics annually.

Production of these handloom fabrics is diffused in numerous production centers all over the country which are linked up by a network of primary, secondary and central markets. Handloom industry is the biggest handicraft industry in our country; it is the second largest source of rural employment after agriculture. Handloom workers are very much unorganized and they do not have any idea about their rights and laws.

The health and safety issues are very much ignored for the sector. The pro monitoring system from the government lead them to take loan from the broker with high interest and most of them declined to pay and at the end sell their land to pay off the loan amount.

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