Child Labour / Forced Labour

Child labour refers to work for children under the age of 18 that is mentally, physically, socially and/or morally dangerous or harmful and that interferes with their schooling. Forced labour and child labour are closely linked. They occur in the same geographical areas, the same industries and are mainly caused by poverty and discrimination, and up to half of all people in forced labour are children. Child labour is a crime against adult workers employed in the industry because it undermines job security and drives down wages and working conditions. In this competition, wages are often so reduced that the combined earnings of parent and child are less than the wage of one parent before. We are advocating for the release of children from dangerous labour, and supporting their reintegration into their family, community and schools. We campaign with factory owners, parents, and the wider community, educating them on the dangers and illegality of child labour. We also operating five non-formal school with the child workers and bridging them to the formal schooling system.

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