Local Market RMG Industry in Bangladesh

The local market Readymade Garment Industry in Bangladesh made a silent revolution. The industry contributed by covering around 80% of local consumption. This local RMG industries mainly uses various inputs including fabric, garment accessories, and allied industries services such as washing, embroidery, labels, packaging etc. from excessive/left overs of the Export Oriented Readymade Garment Industry to design and make wide range of male and female apparels mainly to cater local low cost and price sensitive market segments. Local RMG sector in Bangladesh is presently suffering with acute decent work deficit with no recognition from the government. It is developed rather haphazardly with private initiatives from local and some outside entrepreneurs who have used their private capital to develop this industry.

Bangladesh Labour Foundation (BLF) has developed this documentary to bring the Local RMG visible and ensure that the workers are getting what they should have.

Workers in Savar Tannery Estate, Bangladesh

Leather is the basis of one of the oldest industries in Bangladesh and plays a significant role in the national economy with a good reputation worldwide. This is an agro-based by-product industry with locally available indigenous raw materials having a potential for export development and sustained growth over the coming years. Bangladesh leather is widely known around the world for its high qualities of fine grain, uniform fibre structure, smooth feel and natural texture. In Bangladesh the leather industry is well established and ranked fourth in terms of earning foreign exchange. Among the fifteen sectors identified for national income – “Leather sector” is one of them, accounting for 3% of country’s exports. Although this sector is highly prioritise from Government but still the workers are deprived from the basic human rights. In this documentary made by Bangladesh Labour Foundation formally known as Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation tried to show the current workers status in Tannery Sector in Bangladesh after the relocation from Hazaribagh to Savar.

Life of Tannery workers Bangladesh

This video content the lifestyle of Tannery Workers in Hazaribagh Tannery Industry in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Labour Foundation Presentation

Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation (BLF) is a non-government, non-profit, non-partisan organization represents the interest of the working people in Bangladesh

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